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The Story

Set above Chicago’s iconic Michigan Avenue, Z Bar celebrates the city and its spectacular views while guiding visitors on an immersive journey inspired by the world’s cultural and culinary riches.

Z Bar is named after Maria Zec, The Peninsula Hotels’ first female General Manager. As an industry influencer, Zec is passionate about creating memorable experiences for hotel guests and patrons. Her collaborative spirit brings together winning teams of chefs, mixologists, specialists and hoteliers.

Music & Vibe

At Z Bar, music sets the tone thanks to the work of internationally renowned DJ Alyson Calagna, a Denver-based producer whose global playlists and custom tracks, developed exclusively for the bar, create an atmosphere that is lively and consistently upbeat. The vibe is casual and soulful, evolving throughout the day and across the seasons and exposing guests to unique music from around the world.

Play It Back

Listen to the sounds of Z Bar curated by Alyson Calagna, an internationally renowned music producer, who developed this soulful, global playlist.

Hands-On Experiences

Z Bar will offer a variety of classes and other experiences to take guests behind the scenes with the experts. Drink and learn with Wanderlust, a monthly series that dives into spirits and teaches new techniques in a way that enlightens as much as it entertains